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Wholesale Ordering Instructions:

  1. Print and fill out both pages of this order blank, selecting the item(s) you want and the glaze(s). Remember that variations in size, color and texture are a normal part of the process and are a sign of the individuality of both the potter and the piece.
  2. Minimum wholesale order is $300
  3. Business License Number or Sales Tax Number must be included.
  4. Mail, phone, FAX or e-mail your order to Lee using the information above.
  5. Lee will contact you to confirm your order and to arrange payment before shipment. Pots are shipped COD or proforma only; COD charges are extra and will be added for each package shipped. Payment should be made to Silver Ridge Pottery by company check, cashier's check or money order.
  6. Delivery via FedEx ground is usually available 3-4 weeks after the order is placed. Please advise if Priority Shipping�at additional cost�is required. The shipping is billed at actual cost and includes insurance. Please advise if faster service is required, and I will try to accommodate the request.

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Large Mixing Bowl $50.00                
Medium Mixing Bowl $21.00                
Large Lotus Bowl $50.00                
Small Lotus Bowl $15.00                
Heart Bowl $15.00                
Small Pasta Bowl $14.00                
Berry Bowl $14.00                 
Large Platter $55.00                
Large Carved Platter $50.00                 
Platter w/Handles $70.00                
Oval Platter $50.00                
Large Fish Platter $30.00                
Rectangle Fish Platter $30.00                
Large Casserole $50.00                
Small Casserole $28.00                
Brie Baker $16.00                
Cream Pitcher $12.00                
Sugar Bowl $13.00                
Butter Keeper $17.00                
Small Vase $10.00                
Medium Vase $16.00                
Large Vase $26.00                
Large Ikebana Vase $16.50                
Small Ikebana Vase $12.00                
Small Cylinder $18.00                
Large Cylinder $27.00                
Lotion/Soap Dispenser $15.00                
Tea Mug/Bathroom Glass $8.00                
Soap Dish $5.50                
Dinnerware Plate $16.00                
Dinnerware Salad Plate $9.50                
Dinnerware Bowl $9.50                
Coffee Mug $12.00                
Soup Mug $13.00                
Rectangle Plate $15.00                
Small Square Plate $10.00                
Tiny Rectangle Plate $5.50                
Rice Bowl w/Chopsticks $13.00                
Sake Set $20.00                
Square Dinner Plate $15.00                
Square Salad Plate $12.00                
Textured Square Bowl $12.00                
Small Square Dinner Bowl $8.00                
Textured Square Platter $22.50                
Textured Triangle Dinner Plate $15.00                
Textured Triangle Salad Plate $10.00                
Textured Triangle Serving Bowl $17.00                
Textured Oval Tray $10.00                
Large Oval Tray $15.00                
Textured Rectangular Tray $10.00                
Large Rectangle Tray $12.00                
Olive Oil/Soap Dispenser $15.00                
Set-5 Heart Trivets $9.00                
Set-5 Square Trivets $9.00                

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Total Due

 Prices subject to change. Check web site for current prices:
Actual FedEx Ground shipping cost will be added to invoice.